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Photo: Tallinn Airport

Tallinn Airport sees 11% more passengers

All of a sudden, Stockholm has the most flights per day to and from the Estonian capital.

Around 284,000 passengers travelled through Tallinn Airport in October, nearly 11% more than the same month last year.

This growth was significantly supported by an all-time record in the number of charter passengers, which rose by 30% year-on-year, the airport says.

The number of passengers on regular flights increased at the more leisurely pace of 8%, with flights to and from the airport being 69% full on average, up slightly from 68% last October.

Although several summertime routes had ended their operations by October, the number of offered seats in October continued to be high – on the same level as was seen in July.

This was caused primarily by flights being added to Tallinn routes to and from Copenhagen, Kiev, Moscow and London, according to the airport.

“Despite the fact that the high season in aviation is receding and the airlines have ended their flights to summer destinations, the schedules were complemented in October on existing lines,” Tallinn Airport says in a press release.

Oslo and Stockholm
In addition to flights to Oslo, Norwegian started to fly to Tallinn also from Stockholm Arlanda from the end of October with three flights a week.

Also airBaltic started to fly from Tallinn to Oslo with two flights a week and to Stockholm Arlanda 12 times a week. Copenhagen is next on this list for airBaltic from Tallinn, starting in 2019.

This suddenly makes Stockholm the destination with the highest number of flights to the Estonian capital, with up to 11 flights a day depending on the day of the week. There are now four airlines operating Tallinn-Stockholm: Nordica, SAS, Norwegian and airBaltic.

Meanwhile, a new route was added to Tallinn by Ryanair, which has started to fly there from Edinburgh, Scotland, twice a week.

Altogether, Tallinn has scheduled connections with 35 cities this autumn from 15 airlines.

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