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Hives on the roof (photo: Nordic Hotel Forum)

Tallinn hotel puts 60,000 bees on the roof

The Nordic Hotel Forum says that housing the bees adds to its green credentials – and the honey is harvested for breakfast.

The Nordic Hotel Forum in central Tallinn has become the first hotel in the Estonian capital, though not in the world, to position hives full of bees on its roof, “leading the way in urban beekeeping right in the heart of the city,” the hotel says.

The four-star business and conference hotel has six beehives on the roof with over 60,000 bees, which can be seen from the property’s leisure and fitness centre as well as from guestrooms on the seventh and eighth floors, which overlook the roof courtyard.

The insects are free to roam, and “our bees have fantastic access to Tallinn’s major parks, which are only a few steps from the hotel,” the Nordic Hotel Forum says.

“They’ll have direct access to all the other green areas around Tallinn, which are all within a three-kilometre radius of the hotel. This way, the bees can collect a wide variety of pollen and nectar, giving their honey a truly delicious taste.”

The hotel’s guests are then offered to taste the freshly harvested honey at breakfast.

Green bees
The Nordic Hotel Forum, which has been part of the Green Key accommodation eco-label since 2010, is receiving assistance from the Tallinn Beekeepers Society in taking care of the bees.

It quotes the Telegraph newspaper which published the results of a World Health Organization study, according to which Tallinn is one of the top ten capital cities in the world with the cleanest air, putting it in seventh position.

“Medieval Tallinn – with its imposing city walls and narrow cobbled streets – was not built with motor vehicles in mind. Driving around the ancient city centre is impractical, which has largely kept cars away. Add to that the city’s bountiful green spaces and breezy coastal setting, and you have the ingredients for one of the least polluted cities in the world,” the Telegraph writes.

The hotel has set up a webcam on the roof where viewers can watch a live stream of the bees’ honey being gathered, with a view of the UNESCO-protected Old Town in the background.

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