Tallinn is Finns’ future “hub” to fly to Europe

Estonian Air aims to connect small Finnish airports to Europe

Estonian Air will open three new routes from Tallinn to Finland from spring 2012, to Joensuu (March 26, four flights a week), to Kokkola/Pietarsaari (March 27, six flights a week) and to Kajaani (April 3, four flights a week). The airline says that the logic behind the selection of these new destinations is to develop Tallinn into a hub – to bring more passengers to Estonia to use Estonian Air’s flight network and TLL as a transfer point in their journey onwards.
“Estonian Air is […] paying more attention to increasing the share of transfer passengers. As the Estonian market is limited, we need to expand our market size so flights are sustainable,” said Tero Taskila, CEO of Estonian Air.
[photo courtesy Tallinn Airport]