Tallinn Selects DMC as Cultural Capital 2011

A full year of events is scheduled to take place daily in both Tallinn and Turku.

In 2011, Tallinn takes on its role as European Capital of Culture, giving the city a chance to showcase the best of its creative spirit to the rest of the world. Under the EU initiative that started in 1985, Tallinn will be the focus of the continent’s culture scene this year alongside nearby Turku, the former capital of Finland, with a huge number of intriguing events and exhibitions scheduled. The theme the city has chosen for its programme is “Stories of the Seashore”, highlighting the legends and inspiration that the sea has given to countless generations of Estonians.

Something will be happening in the city every day in 2011. A full programme can be found at Tallinn2011.ee. Highlights include Tallinn Maritime Days, Afro Reggae and a challenging cinematic installation called “60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero”. Estonia will adopt the euro on 1 January. Via Hansa, an incoming tour operator and destination management company that organises tours for leisure groups, FITs and VIPs to countries on the shores of the Baltic Sea, has been appointed the official DMC of Tallinn – Cultural Capital of Europe 2011.

It is in the process of preparing detailed information about Tallinn 2011 and introducing “some new and exciting products for FITs, leisure groups, incentives etc”, including those combined with Turku. Group products include Stockholm-Turku-Helsinki-Tallinn (seven days), Turku-Helsinki-Tallinn (six days) and Tallinn (four days), while FIT products include the latter two tours.

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