Tech helps hotel guests do faster shopping

Technology on show at retail expo aimed at travellers
Tech solutions may soon allow hotels to do clothes shopping for busy hotel guests at the touch of a button without the guests having to visit the stores themselves, the Washington Post writes.
Virgin Hotels guests can now use the chain’s Lucy app to order clothes from Gap stores, which the concierge then picks up and places in their rooms. The app was on show at the retail sector’s BIG Show in New York earlier this month.
Gap exec Tricia Nichols said it was aimed at people who arrive at a destination realising they didn’t quite pack correctly for the trip – lacking a jacket if it’s unexpectedly cold or workout gear if there’s free time for a jog. The bill for the purchases is automatically added to the tab.
Consumers are spending more time on their gadgets, she explained, and on-demand delivery and transportation apps are conditioning them to expect greater speed and convenience in their lives.
Other tech on show at the expo included 3D cameras installed in shoe stores to automatically measure shoppers’ shoe size as soon as they walk in. And the outdoor clothes store chain North Face is using tech that gets information from customers, for example if they are “looking for something that will be good to wear in Jackson Hole in February”.
Washington Post

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