Tech trends define business travel and hotels

Hotels offer multi-use TVs – and digital detox holidays

Business travellers use the latest technological devices when on the road or in the air, but they also like an occasional break from them too. One recent hotel industry study from Four Points by Sheraton, says that the majority of regular business travellers take trips with three or four devices. Most even have their smartphones ready to go while their plane is still on the tarmac.
Another hotel industry survey, this time by BBC Travel, says that tech issues in demand at hotels are still not widespread, leading to disappointment among business travellers – free WiFi, for example. Many hotels are not improving WiFi signals – especially in large buildings with many walls. Some hotels are trying to use tech developments to attract guests, for example with TVs that allow users to plug in laptops or video game consoles or by offering Kindles on loan.
However, according to Euromonitor International’s recent study World Travel Market, hotels now offer digital detox holidays, giving guests the chance to get away from their devices for a short time.
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[pictured: Wyndham Hotel Xiamen]