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Tourism Authority of Thailand

Teenage girls from Norway arrested in Thailand

The Norwegian teenagers bought drugs in Phuket late at night and were immediately detained.

Two teenage girls from Norway have been arrested for allegedly purchasing drugs on the resort island of Phuket in Thailand, Norway Today reports.

It was a Norwegian online newspaper about Thailand, Thainytt, that first broke the story, after the arrest occurred late on Thursday evening.

The pair had apparently purchased the drug yaba, which is a tablet containing a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine, after which local police swooped in.

The girls are reported to have been released from custody after paying around NOK 40,000 (€4,165), but must pay another NOK120,000 for their passports to be returned to them.

Embassy emergency
The girls initially had some trouble contacting the Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok as it is closed until Tuesday due to a public holiday in Thailand.

However, a communications adviser at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Siri R Svendsen, told the Norwegian tabloid VG: “The Foreign Service is aware that two Norwegian citizens have been arrested in Thailand. The Embassy in Bangkok is in contact with the persons concerned and is providing consular assistance in accordance with established practice and the current framework regarding assistance to Norwegian citizens who are imprisoned abroad.”

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