Ten most annoying things people do on flights

Top 10 annoying things people do on flights revealed 
One of the things increasingly affecting our love of travel and flying is the behaviour of our fellow passengers, London City Airport reveals in a new passenger survey, listing the top ten things we find most annoying.
“Are you considerate of your fellow passengers or do you recline your seat when the person behind you is trying to tuck into their in-flight meal?” the airport asks.
Those who recline their seat are the most annoying, with 63% of respondents naming it being among the worst habits.
Personal space is clearly important, as people who hog the armrests are in second place. Resting feet between gaps in the seats is also in the top 10. Being rude to cabin crew is in the top three. The full top 10:
•Reclining their seat so far back they are practically in your lap
•Planting their elbows firmly on the arm rests to leave no room for you
•Being rude to cabin crew – a thank you costs nothing
•Carrying hand luggage that is clearly too big so some poor person has to put theirs in the hold
•Talking loudly to their travel companions so you can’t hear yourself think
•Forgetting their manners when getting off the plane, they don’t care as long as they’re first in the passport queue
•Constantly getting up to retrieve items from the overhead lockers
•Putting their feet in the gaps between seats so they poke you in the shoulder
•Swearing without a care for who is in earshot
•Hogging the window and blocking your view
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