Terror attack staged in rail station

Police use real train station with 200 ‘victims’
Rail employees worked with hundreds of police officers, firefighters and rescue workers to practice their terror-fighting skills in a staged terror attack at Leipzig’s central station earlier this week.
As part of the training, which took place late at night so disruption to services was minimal, the officers responded to armed terrorists attacking the station.
Fake attackers simulated the assault with automatic rifles and explosives, and police had to act fast. Around 200 officers from around the country acted as victims. In total, 500 people took part.
“The women and men of the federal police were confronted by a ‘horror scenario’ tonight in Leipzig train station,” said Jörg Baumbach, the city’s federal police president.
“We never want to experience such an attack in real life, but if it happens, we must be the utmost prepared.”
dpa / The Local

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