Terror fears hit Norwegians’ travel plans

Complete reversal of attitudes towards Turkey
Almost half of Norwegians in a survey say that fear of terrorism has affected their travel plans this summer. Turkey, for example, is now almost completely off the list of destinations.
Around 15% said terrorism had affected their choices somewhat, while almost 30% said that it had little impact on their decision, the survey by Ipsos MMI for the newspaper Dagbladet revealed.
Couples and families are more aware than singles of the possibility of terror attacks when deciding travel plans; women more than men; and people living in central Norway more than Oslo residents.
“After the last big terrorism event at Borough Market in London, we saw a significant decline in the number of trips in the weeks afterwards. Fortunately, this trend has reversed and the sale of travel is just about as it was before the attacks,” said Christine Hafnor, press officer at tour operator Apollo.
“The reluctance toward Turkey as a destination has been the greatest effect. In recent years, there’s been a decline of almost 90%, and it’s the first time in ten years we don’t have one charter flight going there. Due to the reduced trips to Turkey, trips to Greece, Spain and Croatia have increased this year. This is an example of how terrorism affects Norwegian holiday habits,” she added.
Ellen Wolff Andresen of the travel agency Ticket agrees: “A few years ago, Turkey was in third or fourth place as the most popular holiday travel destination. Now the country is completely off our top ten list.”
Norway Today

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