Terror slows tourism in Egypt, North Africa

This is despite the fact that globally the trend is upward
There are already signs that terror attacks are turning tourists away from parts of the Middle East and North Africa, where millions need tourism to make a living.
Globally the trend for tourism is upward, but visits to North Africa fell by 8% last year, new figures from the United Nations World Tourism Organisation show.
While international tourism grew by 4.4% worldwide, reaching 1.18 billion arrivals, countries like Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco have been hit hard following attacks inspired or carried out by the Islamic State group.
Beach resorts such as Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurgada in Egypt and Sousse in Tunisia, where gunmen opened fire on holidaymakers last summer, have seen visitor numbers decline sharply.
Morocco has not been attacked directly, but UK Foreign Office advice says visitors there face “a high threat from terrorism”.
By contrast, Europe, the Americas, and Asia and the Pacific all saw tourism growth of around 5% in 2015. Arrivals in Europe reached 609 million, 277 million in Asia and the Pacific, 191 million in the Americas and 54 million (up 3%) in the Middle East.

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