Tests to start on folding wing design

NASA to test drag-reducing wing folding in flight
Folding wings are coming to commercial aviation when Boeing’s 777X aircraft enters service at the end of 2019. The devices could later become widely used on the planes of the future as wingspans increase to reduce drag and fuel burn.
The 777X has more than seven metres more wingspan than today’s 777, a design that optimises lift distribution and cruise efficiency. The wing tips are folded on the ground, keeping in line with taxiway and gate size restrictions.
However, NASA is now investigating whether the wings can be folded in flight, to save even more fuel. Its Spanwise Adaptive Wing (SAW) concept cuts the rudder size and tail drag and will soon be tested both on the ground and in flight.
NASA plans to flight-test the concept in small scale in spring 2017, using an unmanned research aircraft.
Aviation Week