Thai police fail to catch murderers of tourists

Police appear to be more interested in photo ops

In an editorial opinion piece, the Bangkok Post criticises the police for multiple errors it has made during the investigation into the murders of two British tourists on the island of Koh Tao earlier this month.

Police have jumped to incorrect conclusions on several occasions, parading innocent people in front of the media as if they were already guilty, and inventing what officers claimed was a fight between the couple and a friend. The friend was cleared by DNA tests, but not before police revealed his identity to the world.

The scene of the crime was chaotic. Police allowed journalists and photographers in while the investigation was taking place, potentially contaminating the crime scene.

A long string of press conferences has not helped either, the main purpose appearing to be “yet another photo opportunity for the men in brown”, the paper says. Still the killers have not been caught.

Bangkok Post

[pictured: Koh Tao main street]

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