Thai sports tourism hub to get $10mn upgrade

Cash boost to help Thanyapura Phuket keep top position
Thanyapura Phuket is investing US$10 million to build new sports facilities as part of a drive to become the sports hub of Asia, TTG Asia reports.
Already a favoured destination for active leisure travellers and for professional and amateur sports training, it will also get a new five-lane, 100m swimming pool – double the length of an Olympic pool.
Other new facilities include four more tennis courts (Maria Sharapova spent a week training at Thanyapura in 2014), a wellness centre and 114 accommodation units, doubling the current number of keys.
Philipp Graf von Hardenberg, Thanyapura’s president and CEO, said the expansion would help the resort attract more professional athletes and active tourists. The pool, for example, will be the first of its size in the world.
“We’re investing a lot more in sports science too, which plays an increasingly important role in training. In the new pool, there will be under- and above-water cameras every 5 metres to help [trainers analyse an athlete’s form and technique].”
Guests can rub shoulders with sports celebrities who train at the resort, ranging from Formula One champ Jenson Button to Olympic swimming teams from Australia, France, the Netherlands and Japan. The centre is the official Asian training centre for FINA, the world governing body for swimming.
Guests can also join group classes or book private sessions with the complex’s 40-odd professional trainers, including the same professionals who train the international sport stars. The resort is also strengthening its sports medicine and wellness facilities.
Thanyapura recently teamed up with the Ministry of Sports and Tourism to strengthen Phuket’s position as a top destination for athletic training and active holidays.
“We will also be organising 25 high-level sporting events in Phuket each year to attract athletes and tourists to the island and to Thanyapura,” von Hardenberg said.
TTG Asia


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