Thailand is “dangerous trap” says murdered tourist’s sister

Laura Witheridge says authorities are covering up other murders
The sister of murdered backpacker Hannah Witheridge, killed on the island of Koh Tao together with her boyfriend David Miller in September 2014, warns that Thailand is a “dangerous trap”.
Laura Witheridge says in a long Facebook post that Thai authorities mistreated her family, “bungled” the investigation and are covering up other murders on islands popular with tourists.
She believes her sister’s rapist and killer walks free. A recent trial led to a death sentence for two Burmese men, who say they were tortured by police into confessing.
She says “the vast majority of the Thai police are corrupt” and hints that Thai nationals killed her sister. She received death threats during the trial, she says, including one saying the killers had completed only “half the job”. She is “now frightened of my own shadow”, she writes.
A recent video made by the cyber activist collective Anonymous also accuses the Thai police of a cover-up. It says the Thai police “would rather blame foreigners or migrants for such crimes so as to protect their tourism industry than accuse their own Thai locals – that may deter tourists from choosing Thailand as their holiday destination”.
The Guardian


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