Thailand partners web giants for marketing

TAT targets independent travellers via internet companies

The Tourism Authority of Thailand will be partnering with internet giants Google, TripAdvisor and Zizzee to promote its products in 2013. The aim is to boost the number of “free independent travellers” (FITs) by at least 10% next year. Many such travellers of course use the internet to plan their trips and search for information. TAT says that while the number of FITs worldwide rapidly increases, tourism-related online reviews are trusted more than advertising or promotions.
The agency says that cooperation with TripAdvisor will allow it to develop information and products. Attractions and world heritage sites will be viewed on Google Maps via a 360-degree panorama. And the meta-search engine Zizzee will be engaged to help tourists find the best flights, hotels and car rentals.
International tourist arrivals are expected to be 20.7 million in 2012, of which 3-5 million can be classified as FITs.
Bangkok Post
[pictured: Wat Pho, Bangkok; courtesy TAT]

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