Thailand soft-launches new marketing

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TAT shows off the country’s “million shades”
The Tourism Authority of Thailand has soft-launched a new marketing concept at ITB Asia 2017 that focuses on new source markets, new traveller segments and new ways to enjoy the kingdom.
Named The Million Shades of Thailand, the new concept is set for official launch at the World Travel Market in London next month and again in January at the ASEAN Tourism Forum in Chiang Mai.
In a presentation on October 25, Tanes Petsuwan, TAT’s deputy governor for marketing, explained the three areas of focus, “the 3Ns, which are New Destinations, New Segmentation and New Product”.
New Destinations refers to the target source markets the authority is keen on courting, at this point including Canada, Latin America and China’s secondary cities.
“It was not feasible in the past to promote Thailand to Latin America because [the journey] was too long for them and air connectivity was lacking,” Tanes explained.
“These days, airlines such as the Middle Eastern carriers offer good connections and use new aircraft that can fly a longer distance and are equipped with […] on-board entertainment that makes for a more enjoyable journey.”
As for New Segments, TAT will reach out to millennials, who are lured by digital social media and customer-focused activities. New Product, meanwhile, refers to gastronomy, nature and beach, arts and craft, culture, and way of life.
Million Shades appears to reflect that local food, handicraft, souvenirs and other products come in many different variations across the country, festivals are celebrated in unique ways in different locations, and the beach experience is different everywhere.
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