Thailand works hard on marketing after attacks

Initiatives and festivals to encourage tourist arrivals
Since last week’s bombing incidents in Thailand, initiatives have been put together by the Tourism Authority of Thailand in an effort to reassure travellers that the country is safe and welcoming.
A campaign was launched to encourage local communities to host tourists, advising everyone working in tourism to wear special white-and-yellow ribbons as symbols of peace and unity.
Meanwhile, a Situation Monitoring Centre was opened to help officials to maintain timely and accurate communications. It monitors local and international news and collects statistics on tourist arrivals, bookings and cancellations as well as data from airline and tourism-related companies.
“We want to show that Thailand and the Thai people genuinely care for the well-being of all tourists,” said tourism governor Yuthasak Supasorn. “And we want tourists to know that by visiting Thailand they’ll make memorable travel memories and enjoy experiences that will entice them to return time after time.”
The tourism authority is hoping to boost arrivals for the rest of the year through a number of events and festivities, such as the Jazz Run Cycling Hua Hin Festival in early September and the Magnificent Thailand festival of street food and shopping in Bangkok in the first week of October.
The TAT says that Thailand has proven resilient after disasters in the past. It could suffer 100,000 to 200,000 travel cancellations as a result of the recent bombings, at a cost of up to 10.16 billion baht (€260 million). But the country remains confident of reaching tourism spending targets this year, of 2.4 trillion baht.
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