Thais and others asked: Help a Dane

Help to protect sun-starved Danes’ “delicate skin”
People living in popular holiday destinations are being asked to protect the “delicate skin” of sun-starved Danes in an inventive new ad campaign.
In the videos, Danish TV presenter Mikeal Bertelsen solemnly tells the peoples of Spain, France, Greece, Italy and Thailand, in their languages, that “Denmark needs your help”.
A line-up of badly-sunburnt Danes is shown and viewers are told that Danish holidaymakers, in their desperate search for sun, often forget to take precautions.
The campaign, Help a Dane, was created on behalf of the Danish Cancer Society and safety association TrygFonden. Denmark has one of the world’s highest rates of melanoma in the world: 19.2 cases per 100,000 people per year, slightly higher than its Scandinavian neighbours.
“The strong sun is harmful to our delicate skin and every day a Dane dies of skin cancer,” Bertelsen says. “We know you have enough on your plate but we respectfully request your support – Help a Dane in the sun.”
He urges locals to “remind us, whether on the beach, visiting tourist sites or at the market, that we should put up a parasol, wear a hat or put on sunscreen.” The Thai version with English subtitles can be seen here.
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