The world’s biggest airport reaches almost full capacity

Overcrowded Heathrow airport wastes tonnes of fuel over London

Sixty percent of arrivals into Heathrow are caught up in holding patterns, wasting vast amounts of fuel and causing delays to passengers, according to new figures released by air traffic control service NATS.
Planes fly above the airport for a cumulative 55 hours a day, wasting 190 tonnes of fuel and costing £119,000 a day. This wastage discharges 600 tonnes of CO2 into the skies above London.
The announcement comes after British Airways declared they have given up hope of seeing a third runway built.
With 476,000 flights a year and just two runways, Heathrow is the busiest international hub in the world. Passengers delays average 4 to 10 minutes, rising to 20 minutes during the late morning peak, while 40 planes can be circling over London.
The Telegraph, BTN
[pictured: Plane on approach to Heathrow, overflying the roofs in Myrtle Avenue]