Theme park cuts waiting times via app

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Efteling in the Netherlands cuts rollercoaster queues
A theme park in The Netherlands is about to begin an experiment designed to stop people having to queue for rides, the BBC reports.
Located in forests south of Amsterdam, Efteling is one of the oldest theme parks in Europe. Other parks offer fast passes and booking systems, but Efteling believes this is the first time that a ride – the popular Python coaster – will be 100% ticketed.
Around 4.7 million people visit Efteling each year, and in peak season the wait for the most popular rides can last 40 minutes. The new system and app allows visitors to book a time ahead.
After booking a time in advance, you take your tickets from a machine when you arrive and go straight on. The theme park calls it “virtual waiting” – the overall aim being to minimise the wait and maximise the pleasure.
On the negative side, the system means you are locked into a schedule. For some visitors, this may take some of the fun away, reducing the spontaneity of visiting a theme park and deciding what to do once you’re there.

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