Theme parks offer VIP visits with no lines

Do a theme park in a day instead of staying overnight

The trend at theme parks of all kinds now is to offer VIP tours where you don’t have to be a celebrity. Pay more and you’ll get a personal tour guide, no waiting for an hour or more for big attractions, and reserved seating.

But the price can be heavy. VIP tours at Six Flags parks in New Jersey and Los Angeles cost $299 per person. Cedar Point in Ohio charges $395 per person per day, including front-of-the-line access to 16 rollercoasters. Disney World’s VIP tour starts at $315 per hour, but includes up to 10 people.

“Time is money and when you’re waiting in line, you’re wasting money,” says one man who is increasingly buying into the first-in-line option for his family.

He says he can now do a whole theme park in a day instead of having to stay an extra night or two.


[photo courtesy Disney Parks]

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