Theme parks to get rollercoasters with virtual reality?

Theme park runs trials for VR to be used on real coasters
A theme park operator in the USA is running trials for virtual reality headsets to be used on real rollercoasters. The idea is to give extra thrills and new life to smaller, less popular rides.
Cedar Fair, a company that owns 14 amusement parks including the popular Cedar Point, is trialling virtual reality technology on one of its many coasters. While enjoying the actual ride, the headsets give the impression of riding on dragons’ backs in a fantasy landscape.
Virtual reality distorts sensations like balance. Riders say they are sure they do a loop-the-loop, even though the rollercoaster only swings from side to side. Bringing in VR may also save the company money.
“Alongside projects like park-wide Wi-Fi and mobile apps, virtual reality is seen to have potential to create flexible experiences with less money,” CEO Matt Ouimet tells RoadtoVR.
“Current R&D efforts are focused not just on ride based attractions, but other applications which can be applied to every form of entertainment we offer.”
RoadtoVR / BBC