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Thieves target tourists using gas, insurer warns

Pan-Nordic insurance company If is telling holidaymakers across Europe to be on the lookout.

There are thieves on the prowl, preying on holidaymakers, and they’re using anaesthetic gas, If P&C Insurance Company is warning. The method is being used both in southern and northern Europe.

Such cases are rising every year, according to the pan-Nordic, Stockholm-based insurance company.

France and Spain are the countries in Europe where the inhalational anaesthetic burglary method is used the most frequently, Jon Berge, If’s information director tells Norway’s NRK news.

“It happens many times every year. This applies to both those who rent properties and those who own homes abroad. In addition, campers are particularly exposed,” he said.

“Such burglaries also occur in Sweden as well as in the south. The frequency increases the further south in Europe you go.”

Gas alarm
Berge advises travellers to buy an anaesthetic gas alert alarm.

“Then you will hear a loud sound if there is gas in the house. You can’t safeguard 100% against such an issue, but you can have some protection with a gas alarm.”

Burglaries where gas has been used are also known to have occurred in Norway. In 2015, the Norwegian Automobile Federation issued a warning to tourists going camping.

“But most cases of such thefts do not occur at campgrounds but in parking areas and picnic areas along the way,” according to Jan Ivar Engebretsen, communications advisor at the Norwegian Automobile Federation.

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