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Photo: Taquan Air

Third fatal plane crash in two weeks in Alaska

Following a third deadly accident in the US state, an airline has suspended operations, and safety is being questioned.

Air safety in Alaska is being called into question after the third plane crash in the US state in two weeks involving a fatality.

One of three people was killed on board a Cessna A185F Skywagon that crashed in Prince William Sound on Tuesday, the Coast Guard said. The other two had “general pains” and were airlifted to hospital, CBS News reports.

Four boats responded to a report of the downed light aircraft near Cascade Bay near the town of Valdez on Alaska’s southern coast. The vessels recovered the three people who were on the plane from the water. It is unclear who owned and operated the aircraft, and the cause of the crash is under investigation.

Airline down
The crash came a day after an accident in Metlakatla killed both people on board, on a flight operated by Taquan Air, which has since suspended operations.

The suspension is mainly due to the fact that a mid-air collision last week of sightseeing planes near Ketchikan left six people dead, Taquan having been the operator of one of those planes. The other was operated by Mountain Air Service.

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