Thousands of US flights cancelled for coming days

Storm shuts down flights in Washington DC and northeast
Winter storm Jonas is expected to cause significant disruption to flights in and out of the north-eastern seaboard of the United States over the weekend of January 23-25. Major airlines are cancelling thousands of flights – more than 4,500 at the latest count.
Mirroring other airlines, United Airlines for example says it is shutting down operations starting Friday afternoon out of Washington Dulles and other airports in the area. American Airlines has cancelled all flights in Washington, Philadelphia and Baltimore on Saturday.
In excess of 4,500 flights have been axed for Friday and Saturday as the worst of the storm draws closer, according to flight-tracking site
Travel disruption of all kinds is expected to continue well into next week. Amtrak is running a modified schedule in the northeast.
A state of emergency has already been declared in states like Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina as the storm heads north-westwards.
Around 75 million people are in the storm’s path and some of the US’s biggest cities may see blizzard-like conditions. Supermarket shelves are being cleared in cities like Washington DC as people panic-buy. Washington is expecting up to 30 inches (76cm) of snow. Severe weather such as tornadoes and flooding could hit states around the Gulf of Mexico.