Threat of airport strikes looms over Spain

Airline passengers may fly elsewhere if 22 days of strikes occur

Business and leisure travellers visiting Spain could face multiple disruptions in the coming months. Spanish airport workers have warned that 22 days of strikes are planned in April, May, June and July. Millions of airline passengers could be affected. The strikes are due to start on April 20 in the run-up to Easter and involve 12,500 ground staff worried about the planned privatisation of their employer Aena. They would shut down almost all of Spain’s airports, including those in holiday destinations like the Canary Islands.
Some airlines believe they could cope – unless the strikes also involve crucial personnel such as firemen and air traffic controllers. Airlines are starting to add pressure to the Spanish government and the EU to prevent the strikes from happening. Spain had been poised to enjoy a boom in incoming leisure travel this year due to the turmoil in the Middle East.
“Just the threat of strikes is often enough to spoil people’s holidays,” said Rochelle Turner, head of research at the magazine Which? Travel. “People who have already booked worry that they might not get away, while people who have yet to do so think ‘Is it worth it?’ and might end up not going at all.”
The Telegraph