“Threat” stops Nordic ferry traffic

Ferries pause between Denmark and both Sweden and Germany
An unspecified “threat” briefly stopped ferry traffic between Denmark and both Sweden and Germany yesterday, with employees warning passengers over the speakers that there was a “bomb alert”.
“Police have checked out the first ferries and after inspection they have been authorised to start again,” Danish police said in a statement.
A ferry docked in Rødby, Denmark, across the water from Germany, was searched by Danish police, while another ferry already at sea was escorted by a coastguard vessel.
The ferry operator Scandlines said on its website that services had stopped because of “a threat”, but did not give further details.
“We received a threat by telephone and we didn’t have any more information than that so we suspended all traffic,” a spokeswoman for the company told AFP.
Passenger Jan Gustavsson told the Swedish daily Sydsvenskan: “They cried ‘bomb alert’ over the speakers, then we didn’t know anything more.”


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