Three aborted long-haul SAS flights

Separate flights have to turn back within one week
Technical issues have forced three unrelated SAS flights to turn back in the space of a week.
Copenhagen-Shanghai flight SK 997 had to return on Tuesday evening after an hour’s flight because of a technical problem, and the 231 passengers were given a new flight the following day.
“The temperature in one of the engines was too high, and the aircraft was required to return to Copenhagen for technical assistance,” SAS press rep Anna Kansell explained.
A few days earlier, on Saturday, a flight from Stockholm to Hong Kong was forced to return to Arlanda, and last week a SAS flight to Chicago made an unscheduled landing in Iceland due to low oil pressure in one of the engines.
In reference to the Shanghai and Hong Kong flights, Kansell said: “It is extremely unusual for this kind of thing to happen… there were two different faults.”
Expressen / BT / The Local