Three-month Ecotopia festival to begin in Thailand

Thailand’s south-eastern coastal region on display during eco-tourism festival

An award-winning eco-resort, Faasai Resort and Spa in Kung Wiman, Chanthaburi, is hosting Thailand’s first-ever Ecotopia celebration, which will run from February 24 to May 31. Special deals to visit the event are available later this week at the Thai International Travel Fair in Bangkok.
Ecotopia has been arranged so that it is based on three concepts – ecological (living in harmony with nature), cornucopia (an abundance of fresh food from the land) and utopia (the perfect life). The three-month celebration will feature a range of activities on the themes of green travel, sustainable tourism, agro-tourism, eco-tourism and gourmet tourism.
During the festival, Faasai Resort will organise packages and activities such as visiting the local fishing fleet and going out with the squid boats, picking fruit in local orchards, harvesting fresh herbs and using them in Thai cooking, learning about growing organic food, planting rare trees to provide food and shelter for wildlife, watching birds and feeding fish at the White Water Lake private wetlands sanctuary, and kayaking through the mangroves at the Royal Marine Sanctuary at Kung Kraben.
“A big trend we are seeing with our guests is that they want participatory travel,” Bronwen Evans, the co-owner of Faasai Resort and Spa, says. “They don’t just want to see something, they want a rich experience and to be actively involved in interesting and useful activities. We are offering them that opportunity. They can pick fruit, plant a tree or rice, feed the fish and learn Thai cooking with fresh herbs, among many other activities.”