Tighter security to mean longer EU border checks

Travellers to face stronger checks on EU’s external borders
All people travelling throughout the European Union will face much tighter identity checks following the Paris terror attacks, especially when entering or leaving Europe’s 26-country free-travel area, if new proposals are accepted today.
The demands spearheaded by France are for much stronger security during travel, particularly at the external borders of the free-travel Schengen zone known. All EU citizens entering or leaving Schengen should be checked for potential terrorist links, France insists.
This would result in much longer check-in times for flights between Scandinavia and Asia, for example, or between Europe and the UK, which is not part of Schengen.
France also wants “rapid response” teams of border guards deployed to the Greek-Turkish borders, the systematic vetting of every refugee entering the EU from Turkey, and the speedy adoption of the passenger name record (PNR) system, which keeps personal data about everyone taking flights within the EU for at least a year.
The Guardian


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