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Tips for taking photos from the plane

The Finnish airport operator Finavia offers several tips for taking “epic shots”.

Taking photos in a plane poses a number of challenges. In an article on its website, the Finnish airport operator Finavia offers passengers several tips for taking “epic photos” out of the plane window.

The first point may seem an obvious one – your seat matters. Taking a picture out of the window naturally gets easier the closer to the window you get, so booking a window seat is the best option.

Sitting in the front or back of the plane gives the most versatile possibilities, with views in several directions and also including a piece of the wing or engine for perspective, Finavia says.

The second piece of advice is to “learn to cope with the special windows”. Planes have thick window glass, and problems may occur due to the plane’s vibrations, scratches and reflections on the window, and how the windows may freeze.

“The camera should therefore be close to the window, not in direct contact,” the operator advises. “When there is a small gap between the camera and the glass, the image automatically sharpens to the beautiful landscape outside.”

Turn the light off
Taking a picture should always be done without the flash, and turning off the reading light may also be useful as it can cause reflections on the window. To avoid the frost on the windows, taking photos should be done early in the flight.

Finally, sunset or sunrise through a plane window often makes a classic picture, but shapes formed by clouds, roads and fields below and shorelines can also create a great shot.

“While you’re at it, take your picture both horizontally and vertically. In this way you have more opportunities when editing the photo later on,” Finavia concludes.

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