Titanic anniversary cruises almost sold out

Passengers get costumes made to look like original passengers

More than 2,000 Titanic enthusiasts will mark 100 years since that huge ship’s maritime disaster in 1912 by sailing on a cruise ship to the location of the tragedy. Two cruises to coincide with the anniversary on April 15, following the route of the Titanic to where it struck an iceberg, are almost sold out. Berths cost up to $9,375. The cruises are being organised by the UK company Titanic Memorial Cruises. Passengers will also get the chance to explore the wreckage of the Titanic this summer in a Russian-built submarine, at a cost of $59,000 per person.
Some critics have called the cruises “disaster voyeurism”. Passengers are getting costumes made to resemble the original passengers, and musicians are auditioning to be part of the string quartet that famously played as the ship began to list.
The Independent