Titanic II scheduled to set sail in 2016

Ship will have “the latest life-saving systems”

A replica of the Titanic will make its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York in 2016, it has been announced, along the Titanic’s original route. As previously reported, Titanic II is being funded by Australian billionaire Clive Palmer. Engineers at the CSC Jinling Shipyard Company in Nanjing are currently upgrading their own facilities in order to start building the ship, which will have 840 cabins and take three years to build.
The vessel’s exterior will be an exact replica of its ill-fated namesake, but it will feature the latest technology in its engines and electronics.
“The liner will be equipped with advanced technologies including the latest life-saving and communications systems, to meet the requirements of modern navigation,” a spokesman for the shipyard said.
The ship will feature Turkish baths, swimming pool and gymnasiums designed in the same style as the original. Passengers will even be able to dress up in clothes from the era of the original Titanic.
The Sunday Times / TTG Digital

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