Tivoli prepares for first winter program

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Tivoli Gardens

Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens celebrates 175th anniversary

Copenhagen favourite tourist attraction Tivoli Gardens has revealed a program for its very first winter season outside Christmas and Halloween, celebrating its 175th anniversary.

Under the title Winter in Tivoli, it includes events for families and light installations, going against the usual scheduling of the first quarter of the year for maintenance and staff holidays.

Around half of the park’s area will be open to visitors, during the season, which runs from February 2 to 25, a period that includes Valentine’s Day and Fastelavn (Shrovetide) and Denmark’s school winter break.

Light and candy
Teaming up with the CPH Light Festival, the park will present a series of unique light installations, an ice skating rink and an igloo with indoor games for families. Activities also include creative workshops, a children’s theatre and an ice maze.

Tivoli’s 103-year-old wooden rollercoaster and other rides will also be open.

During the week from February 10, visitors can enjoy a piñata party, where a wooden barrel is hit with a stick until it breaks open, its candy contents spilling open for anyone who’ll take them. A full description of the Winter in Tivoli program can be found on the Tivoli website.

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