Tokyo owl café is a real hoot

Cat café concept expands to other beasts
The cat café concept that began in Japan is booming in other cities around the world too. A pop-up cat café in New York has had lines down the block. Another in Manhattan is almost fully booked two months ahead.
Back in Japan, though, now there are rabbit cafés and there’s a place you can have a coffee in the company of a goat. The most recent development: a café with owls flying around.
Tokyo’s Fukuro no Mise (Shop of Owls) is hugely popular. People wait outside an hour before it opens. You pay a fee of Y2000 (€15) in advance and there are no refunds.
Species include the sizeable great horned owl. Instructions in English include: only touch the owls on the head or back, and don’t be angry if they go to the toilet on your clothes. There is a long talk and demonstration in Japanese before each guest is allowed to hold a bird.
Photography without a flash is permitted, clearly aimed at social media, but no video. There’s no food, but a small drink is included and at the end of each session souvenirs are distributed. If you love the owls, also try Tokyo’s new falcon café – although these can’t be touched.
Tokyo Informer
[pictured: Great Horned Owl; photo courtesy US Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters]