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Top 10 adventure travel hotspots 2019 listed

Travel specialist G Adventures still sees potential in Iceland as Game of Thrones returns, while also naming Uzbekistan, Senegal, Patagonia and others.

The Canada-based tour specialist G Adventures has outlined its top 10 destinations for adventure travel in 2019 – a list that ranges from enduring hotspots to rebounding destinations to new frontiers.

The list includes places where new infrastructure and political and other changes are making it more accessible and exciting to visit, such as Uzbekistan and Senegal.

But top of the list is Japan, which hosts the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the summer Olympics in 2020. In time for these events, G Adventures says it has revised its Tokyo to Kyoto Backroads tour, which will now go further off the tourist trail to Tottori and Hagi.

The operator still sees much potential in Iceland, especially as the final season of Game of Thrones approaches, casting a spotlight on its filming locations there.

It says trip sales for Iceland are up 127% over the last two years. Its new G for Good social impact project, the Solheimar Ecovillage, supports Icelanders living with disabilities and helps spreads travel money further afield than just the island’s capital.

As for Uzbekistan, for which demand G Adventures says has increased by 72% over the last five years, this year it relaxed its visa entry requirements by introducing a new e-visa for 51 countries, so interest in exploring the ‘stans’ shows no sign of slowing. The operator has two new trips into the region including Best of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, the latter being an entirely new destination for the tour operator.

After Ebola
West Africa is recovering from a dramatic dip in tourism during the Ebola crisis of 2014, and G Adventures is helping to lead curious travellers back by introducing land-based trips in Senegal and its neighbouring country The Gambia. Senegal is also hoping to stimulate tourism with its recently constructed new airport near Dakar.

At the tail-end of the top 10 is Patagonia in Argentina. Demand for G Adventures’ trips to Argentina have been steadily rising over the last five years, with sales up 15% in 2018 year-on-year.

Visitors to parts of Argentina in July 2019 will be able to experience a solar eclipse, and starting in October the operator will offer a health-focused trip featuring morning yoga sessions and afternoon excursions in Patagonia.

Top 10 adventure travel hotspots for 2019
Northern Sri Lanka
Patagonia (Argentina)

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