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A forgotten bear (photo:TUI)

Top 10 items left behind on holiday

Phones, keys, passports, underwear – all are on TUI’s list of things most forgotten when guests return home.

People often leave things behind in their everyday lives, such as gloves, umbrellas and keys, but what about when they’re on holiday? This summer, TUI made an investigation and named the ten items most commonly left behind at resorts.

Focusing in particular on resorts in France, the tour operator made a list of the top 10 items most often forgotten in the rush to return home.

Top of the list is mobile phones. “The majority of holidaymakers are glued to their mobile phones during their holidays – and yet phones are among the 10 most forgotten items at many hotels,” TUI reveals.

Second is passports. “When travellers have searched their suitcases, handbags and all other bags for their passport in vain several times at the airport, they are often still in their hotel room or safe. In some cases this has already led to involuntary holiday extensions,” the operator says.

Hidden underwear
Third on the list is underwear, which “tends to hide out in the most unassuming places in hotel rooms. No wonder that departing guests may leave individual misplaced items behind. What a treat for the club staff…”

Also on the list are soft toys, for which “some families manage to turn round just in time to calm their crying child down. Others, however, have no choice but to wait for the mail and the parcel from the hotel.”

The rest of the top 10 includes full suitcases, usually the result of a misunderstanding between family members, swimwear, commonly left on the terrace or balcony to dry, household or car keys, jewellery, beach toys and sunglasses.

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