Top 10 items stolen from hotels

You name it, hotel guests will steal it

If it’s not nailed down, guests will probably steal it. From curtains to pillows, here’s a list of the top 10 items stolen from hotels, as listed by the website ThrillList.

10. Linen and curtains (“kleptomaniacs want their homes to look like a page from the Pottery Barn catalogue”)

9. Silverware (“knives, forks, soup spoons, you name it; they all end up in a suitcase”)

8. Sex toys (“stay at a sexy place like the Standard and your mini-bar’ll come complete with carnal tastes catered for”)

7. Slippers (“even if they’re uncomfortable, and the wrong size, and are carved out of reclaimed driftwood, guests will still steal slippers”)

6. Do Not Disturb signs (“these signs are reportedly stolen most often by drunk guests”)

5. Robes (“While most guests are aware that they’ll be charged for removing a robe from the room, they don’t seem to understand that the same policy extends to the hotel spa”)

4. Mini-bar booze (“the theft of liquor is a serious epidemic in hotels worldwide”)

3. Pillows (“there should be a Darwin-esque stupidity award for trying to steal these. They have your credit card!!!!”)

2. Batteries (“hotels conveniently gift-wrap them for guests in a remote control”)

1. Towels (“Towels are the number one item stolen from hotels, which is why some luxury boutiques are going as far as to install RFID tracking microchips in them.”)