Top social media trends spotted for 2012

Google using location; merging of marketing channels; social media fatigue

Social media are, of course, transforming people’s lives and the way business is done. Strong influencers in 2012 include : Socialization of search: Search engines like Google and Bing are increasingly using social signals such as the searcher’s location and social connections in their ranking algorithms; Location-based social media: The technology in mobile devices is more powerful and more affordable than ever; Merging of marketing channels: The lines between traditional, paid, organic, and social marketing are blurring.
Further trends: Identifying sales leads: The key is to develop effective listening methods that allow you to identify and contact potential consumers; Consumer lifetime value: Using social media to reward customer loyalty can ensure a long and profitable relationship; Facebook sharing: Facebook’s open graph technology is making it easier for users to connect and share things on Facebook and not just “like” them; and social media fatigue: With so many different social networks available, it’s easy for the average user to burn out.
[pictured: Friends using FourSquare; courtesy FourSquare]


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