Tourism figures remain high for Greece

Hotel bookings return after country’s bailout deal
Tourists are visiting Greece in large numbers. Anti-austerity protests do not seem to be hitting tourism to the cash-strapped country, The Wall Street Journal reports.
Hotel bookings were down 20% at the end of June and early July. But now tour operators and airlines say reservations are returning healthily. One reason could be that the €60 daily limit on ATM cash withdrawals does not affect foreign bank card holders.
“We are weathering the crisis reasonably well,” says Aris Ikkos, research director at the Institute of Greek Tourism Confederation. “There are strong indications of an increase and we estimate we are at par or slightly up from levels last year.”
Tourism is a major source of revenue for the Greek economy, contributing 9.5% of gross domestic product in 2014 and billions more in indirect benefits.
“We are hoping we won’t go through another round of political drama for the rest of the summer season,” Ikkos said. “We had 22 million arrivals for the whole of last year and if calm prevails we may even slightly surpass that level.”
The Wall Street Journal