Tourism firms not warning of terror risks

Judge says companies should highlight travel advice
Travel companies are still not doing enough to alert travellers about terror risks, the coroner of the Sousse terror victims has warned, and should be highlighting government travel advice about areas of the world in their brochures.
Travel firms are still not providing customers with enough information about terror risks in destination following the terror attack in Tunisia in 2015 that killed 38 people, Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith said at the inquest in London.
Tui has already been criticised for not giving customers enough information about the potential threats facing tourists travelling to the country, including links to official travel advice.
Tui had taken steps to address this, Loraine-Smith said, changing its website and promotional literature “to make these logos and links more prominent”.
But he said he was “concerned that other companies which sell holidays, or sell flights and hotel accommodation separately, may not have taken such steps, as a result of which members of the public receive insufficient information about the risks of terrorist attacks in destination countries”.
Loraine-Smith said he had heard evidence that before the attack, travel companies did not have security advisors on their boards and that he was “concerned that if other companies do not have similar security advisors at board level then hotels which they use will not be adequately protected”.
Telegraph / TTG Digital

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