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Tourism rising in Solna in downtown Stockholm

The district at the heart of Stockholm says its tourism turnover, hotel stays and shopping all rose in 2018.

Tourism in Solna in downtown Stockholm is continuing to increase, with more hotel overnights and daytime visits than ever before, the municipality says.

Visitors to the area contributed a turnover of around SEK 4.6 billion (€0.43 billion) in 2018, up SEK 349 million on the previous year, creating more jobs in hotels, commerce and restaurants, a new tourist economic survey reveals.

“Solna is growing, and not just in terms of growth and sustainable urban development. More tourists choose Solna’s hotels, restaurants, events and shopping. The increasingly strong visitor industry contributes to more jobs, not least for Solna’s young people,” says Pehr Granfalk, chairman of the municipal board.

About 6.9 million daytime visits during 2018 also contributed to the trend, for example restaurant visits, shopping, concerts or sports events. The number of daytime visits has risen by nearly six million in the last six years.

Stay and shop
The municipality credits the Mall of Scandinavia for a turnover in visitor shopping in Solna, which has doubled over the last six years, from just over SEK 200 million in 2012 to about SEK 2 billion in 2018.

Solna says it is Sweden’s fifth largest municipality for hotels, with 2018 bringing the highest occupancy ever to the area. Tourists spent nearly 1.3 million nights there during the year, of which 754,000 were in hotels. In the last five years, eight new hotels have opened in Solna and in that time the number of hotel overnights has doubled.

Foreign visitors spent 461 million in the area, up 20%, while hotel overnights for visitors from abroad increased by 29%. Most come from the US and the UK, followed by Germany, Norway and Finland.

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