Tourism to Florence could be damaged, ETOA warns

European Tour Operators Association asks where hotel tax dollars will go

Hotel associations and other representatives in the travel industry have been told in a special meeting with city authorities that Florence, Italy, plans to introduce an accommodation tax as of July 1 this year. The tax will be based on 1 euro per person, per night, per star of category for up to a maximum number of nights (five has been suggested). This means that a family of four (children under 10 will be exempt) staying in a 4-star hotel for four nights would pay an extra €64. Hoteliers would be responsible for making sure the tax is collected and then passed on a monthly basis to City Hall.
The European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) held a city tourism seminar in Florence in March focussing on good practice and examining challenges for city tourism. Much concern was expressed, above all from local hoteliers, about the possibility of displacement, particularly from the group sector. Hotel associations have warned that they with take legal proceedings if there is no change.