Tourist among 10 killed in Jordan attack

Gun battle with police at Crusader-era castle 
Gunmen have killed 10 people including a female Canadian tourist in Karak, Jordan, a town famous for having one of the region’s biggest Crusader castles. Police and security forces eventually killed four attackers after a siege lasting several hours.
At least 27 people were wounded in the attack, which also killed seven policemen and two Jordanian civilians. Karak, also known as Kerak or Al-Karak, is located 120 kilometres south of the capital Amman, close to the eastern banks of the Dead Sea.
The attack began when police were called to a house fire. Four gunmen inside the house opened fire on the patrol, then fled by car and took refuge in the castle. From there they shot at policemen and passers-by.
No hostages were taken, but some people on a lower floor of the 12th-century citadel were afraid of leaving as the gunmen and security forces traded fire.
It is not yet clear who the gunmen are but Jordan, part of the US-led coalition fighting Islamic State, has been hit by Islamist attacks in the past.

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