Tourists are “actively avoiding Muslim countries”

British holidaymakers say they want “safe” destinations
Most British tourists are actively avoiding Islamic countries due to recent terrorist acts, a new survey by travel deals firm Travelzoo says, instead favouring destinations like the Mediterranean countries, the Canaries, the Caribbean and Australia.
Three out of four British holidaymakers said in the poll that they were avoiding the Muslim world, while almost the same number said the migrant crisis had stopped them travelling by Eurostar or through the Channel Tunnel.
More than half said that the terrorist attacks in Tunisia had put them off planning or booking a holiday anywhere abroad.
“Usually when Britain has a cool and wet summer, we are keen to take a holiday somewhere warm. The events of this summer, however, have impacted the choices consumers are making about where to go,” said Yeganeh Morakabati, an academic in Risk and Tourism at Bournemouth University.
“What is clear from the research is that the relative levels of risk perception have increased uncertainty and this has left the door open to fear.”
For winter sun this year, consumers say they feel most secure travelling to the Canary Islands, the Caribbean or Australia. Over the next 12 months, they are most confident booking Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and the USA.
Working with consumers and travel agents, Travelzoo identified Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Greece and Thailand as popular tourist spots that Brits are now most afraid of visiting. Even if the UK’s travel advice on Tunisia were lifted in the next few months, less than 1% said they would consider going there.