Tourists clash with cows on Corsica beaches

Authorities forced to act against wild and wandering cows
Wild cows are becoming a hazard for sunbathers on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. The cows have been allowed to wander freely for decades, but perhaps not for much longer.
Corsica has about 10,000 roaming cattle and many of them enjoy the island’s white sandy beaches as much as the tourists. As complaints rise, the authorities are trying to find a solution.
In May, one of the beach cows chased a female tourist who got too close with her camera. She was gored in the face and was rushed to hospital. Many tourists ignore signs on the beach that say ‘Attention wild animals. Danger. Do not approach’.
“We are actively looking for a solution,” says Jean-Baptiste Luccioni, mayor of Pietrosella, a town situated close to the beach at Côti-Chiavari where the woman was injured.
“We will try and castrate the bulls, so that this herd, that has roamed wild for 40 years, no longer multiplies. The animals will die a natural death.”
Fencing off part of the beach is another option, while around a dozen cows have been put down.
But road accidents because of the cows are also a problem. Solutions being discussed include a huge animal pound and fines for farmers whose beasts stray.
20minutes / The Local

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