Tourists crazy for viral Swedish white elk

Visitors descend on quiet municipality next to Norway
Sightings of a rare white moose have increased the number of tourists visiting the quiet municipality of Eda in Sweden, on the Norwegian border.
Though the rising tide of visitors is more likely to scare the beast away, back into the surrounding forests, the now famous elk is proving to be a ‘moosance’ for one couple.
A video of the white elk taken by local councillor Hans Nilsson has been viewed thousands of times and images have been seen on National Geographic, the BBC and Huffington Post.
But the animal has developed a taste for the apples in the garden of Catrin Leverström, who is losing patience with the flow of people trespassing on her property to see it.
Part of the problem is that a local Facebook group posts images and locations of sightings, regularly referring to Leverström’s property.
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