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Tourists in Jamaica warned about shootings

A state of emergency is declared as tourists are advised to stay in their hotels and resorts.

Troops are on the streets in Jamaica due to a large number of deadly shootings, and tourists are being advised to stay in their resorts.

A state of emergency has been declared in the popular destination of Montego Bay, where soldiers have been deployed on the streets in a “major military operation”.

“Crime and violence, in particular murders” have been rising in St James, an area that includes Montego Bay, said the country’s prime minister, Andrew Holness.

“You should limit your movements outside of resorts in the area at this time, and exercise particular care if travelling at night,” the UK’s Foreign Office said.

“Travel to and from the airport or for excursions should be undertaken with organised tour operators, and transport should be arranged or provided by the resort hotels.”

Around 335 murders were recorded in St James last year, twice the number of any other parish in Jamaica. The security forces have told the prime minister that the violence is “of such a nature and so extensive in scale as to endanger public safety”. Police have released photos of five men wanted in connection with murder and gun crimes.

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