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Kebnekaise (Wikivoyage)

Tourists missing overnight on Swedish peak are found

Mountain rescue teams were searching overnight in freezing conditions and poor visibility.

Police mountain rescue teams searched overnight in freezing conditions and poor visibility for six French tourists who had been reported missing in the mountains in the north of Sweden.

The group left the lakeside Sami village of Nikkaluokta near Kiruna at lunchtime yesterday and were reported missing at 21:00 last night when they failed to reach the Kebnekaise mountain station about 20 kilometres to the west. Kebnekaise is the country’s highest peak.

Police searched throughout the night on snowmobiles as the weather was too poor to use a helicopter.

“There’s so much snow and wind that we’ve not been able to use helicopters, but we hope to be able to use one this morning,” Mats Andersson from the police search teams told the news agency TT earlier. “It’ll be a lot easier to search a larger area.”

The six tourists were then found by police shortly after 10:00.

“I can’t say anything about their health status at the moment. We’re going to talk to them as soon as we can and try to figure out what happened,” police spokesperson Marie Jakobsson told TT.

It is not clear how experienced and how well equipped the people in the group are, although Andersson commented before they were found that “they were using skis but it’s not certain if they had tents or food with them”.

High winds
The weather agency SMHI has a class-one warning in place for high winds and snow in the northern Lapland mountains, The Local reports. The overnight temperature was around minus 10 Celsius.

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